Many people want to learn how to play the blues on their guitar, but they’ve never held a guitar before in their life. If that’s you, rather than first starting with a general ‘learn guitar’ course, why not just start with a beginner’s course on blues guitar?

Beginning Blues Guitar, by Griff Hamlin, does exactly that. It is a guitar course for beginners, focusing on the blues.

“The Easiest Way To Learn Blues Guitar… Even If You’ve Never Picked Up A Guitar Before”

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Course Overview

Beginning Blues Guitar is aptly named, as it it really is a blues guitar course for beginners. Griff starts right at the beginning – from the first time you’ve picked up a guitar. He carries this ‘assume-nothing’ approach right through the course, so a newbie won’t feel as though they’re missing anything.

Many guitar courses spend a bunch of time teaching you how to read music, almost before you’ve even picked up your guitar. The simple fact is, if you’re learning blues, outside the limited world of whatever course you’re taking, you’re not going to run across a whole lot of sheet music. Griff handles this nicely, by basically sidestepping the teaching of musical notation, and going straight for TAB – the most efficient way to write down what to play on the guitar. All examples are still notated as well as tabbed, in case you’re already familiar with music, but he doesn’t take the time to dig into that (which could be a course in itself!).

The course consists of 3 DVDs, a CD, and a ‘Bonus’ DVD (the bonus DVD covers things like holding your guitar, changing strings, getting a good tone, etc), as well as a 49 page workbook.

Overall, I would say Griff has a done a stand-up job of organizing the material in such a way so that it is easy to follow through the course. At no point should you feel information overload, which I have noticed with some other courses.

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Lesson Topics

Beginning Blues Guitar is very focused on learning the blues, and Griff really tries to keep this focus throughout. Nearly all of the lessons are strictly blues-related, except for a few at the end.

That said, here’s an idea of what topics you’ll be covering:

  • Anatomy of a guitar
  • How to read TAB
  • Licks
  • Blues chords (mostly 7th chords)
  • Blues progressions
  • Blues strumming patterns
  • Plenty of song examples (10+) – all of them blues songs…
  • Learning the notes on the fretboard

Everything on earth has pros and cons, depending on your stand. There’s no such thing as an unbiased review – I just try to back up my observations so you’re able to make an informed decision on your own. Take these pros & cons for what they’re worth… something I put as a con may indeed fall into your pros category…

BBG Pros

  • Strong satisfaction guarantee (money back for 365 days)
  • Starts right at the beginning, from the day you pickup a guitar the first time
  • Very targeted on learning the blues – you won’t waste time learning other stuff
  • Approximately 6 months’ worth of lesson material
  • Teaches TAB but doesn’t waste time on musical notation. In my opinion this is the efficient way to learn guitar.
  • Song examples are provided on the CD so you can easily play along with a backing track.

BBG Cons

  • Many guitar courses these days have cheaper options that offer ‘online only’ editions. This one doesn’t.
  • Griff doesn’t get into theory as much as I would like to see.

Value For Money

Beginning Blues Guitar is currently available for $87, and includes about six months’ worth of lesson material, according to Griff. Personally I think a motivated player would get through the course in closer to 4 months; however even so, if you do the math, you come out WAY ahead as compared to taking real-live lessons. (Usually you’d take 1 lesson per week, at about $30 a pop – even at four months you’re looking at $480… at six months more like $780 to cover essentially the same material)

Who Is This Ideal For?

  • Beginners who just want to play the blues
  • You already know a few chords, but want to learn more, as well as start to play some licks, and generally learn the blues.
  • You just want to learn the blues without getting bogged down learning tons of chords that you’re unlikely to every play.

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